Phiten Products Has Been
Developed Through Years of Research

Scientific journals have been published and documented.​

Since our founding in 1983, we have launched a number of body care products under the policy of “Everything we do, We do for your health”.

Focusing on the development of one-and-only technology, making full use of our unique technology to disperse metals in water at the nano level, we have obtained more than 100 patents worldwide.

With the background of its high technology, we have earned a great deal of trust from the world’s top athletes to the general public, and its product power is highly evaluated in the world.

One and Only Technology

Our human body consists of more than 60 trillion cells. These cells ‘communicate’ with one another through a weak signal, which flows to and from our brain, known as the ‘bioelectric current’. Because of this signal, we are able to move our body, to detect senses, and to keep our body function well. A stabilized & smooth flow of body bioelectric current is most desirable.

(Note: Bioelectric current is NOT equivalent to minus ions or static electricity)

Phiten Titanium Products and
Our Body’s Bioelectric Current

Unfortunately, due to internal factors like work stress or external factors like electromagnetic waves emitted from computers, our “bioelectric current” is often ‘disturbed’. Hence, lactic acid in the blood accumulates and concentrates on abnormally high levels in the muscles, hindering muscle contraction, and ultimately leading to fatigue. Many people become casualties of headaches, stiffness in the shoulders/neck, lower back/knee/ankle pain, etc. Phiten Titanium products stabilize the ‘disturbed’ bio-electric current and thereby improving our body’s physical functions and conditions (i.e. Natural healing power).

Stabilizing Disturbed “Bioelectric Current”

Phiten Co., Ltd. in Japan has developed Phiten’s unique and “one and only” technology, “Aqua Metal Technology” through years of dedicated research. All Phiten products are applied by this technology and these products deliver your natural health-promoting power back to your body and mind. Nowadays, we are stress induced by the environment without us knowing it. Did you know even fluorescent lighting causes stress?


The "Body Care Company" for everyone, we will continue to contribute to the creation of a healthy body for people and a body that does not stop dreaming.