There are currently no known side effects. However, should you feel otherwise, please stop using the products.

Phiten is established on Oct 4th, 1983. It has more than 1,000 points of sale worldwide and is used by millions of people. With further research and development, Phiten has created Metax technology to provide a holistic approach to managing pain and stress.

Technology pervaded the materials used to create the product.

Our customers will generally replace the product due to wear and tear, or some might upgrade to a better model. This is based on our customer's personal preferences.

Phiten products offer an alternative health lifestyle to restore our state of balance and optimize our body functions, especially for muscle-related issues.

However, Phiten products are not proven to be medical products that will cure medical conditions.

We encourage each individual to seek proper medical specialists for their medical conditions and not use Phiten products as a substitute.

Returns & Exchanges

We do not accept any return of the Phiten product purchased from our Online Shop for whatsoever reason as customers can be 100% sure that the product is genuine when they purchase from this Official Online website and we have applied stringent checks on the quality of the products before they reach your doorstep.

Please ensure that you choose the type, color, size correctly as strictly NO EXCHANGE of product for any type/color/size for purchases made online will be allowed once the payment process is completed.

We disclaim any defects that arise from the shipping process. In the case that you receive the package in a ‘bad condition’ in which you might suspect that the item could be damaged, please take a photo before opening the package and also another photo of the ‘damaged’ item. Email us at

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About Unique Material

AQUA TITAN is titanium dispersed in water at the nano level by Phiten's water-soluble metal technology. This Phiten technology has made it possible to impregnate each and every fiber with titanium. Wearing products made with this technology supports the body in a state of relaxation.

About Tape

For hygiene purposes, we recommend to remove it after 2 to 3 days. Please remove it immediately should rashes appear due to skin allergy or discomfort.

There should be no problem wearing the tape to take a bath provided that there is no excessive rubbing.

Taping Method And Stretching Method


Table tennis is a lifelong sport that men and women of all ages can enjoy, and it is a full-body exercise that uses various muscles.
Stretching and self-massage using Metax Lotion before and after playing will help prevent injuries and improve performance.
In addition, it is recommended to apply Phiten Power Tape in advance to areas that feel uncomfortable.
By taking care of your own body on a daily basis, you can have more fun and play at your best.

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It is a sport that grabs a golf club weighing about 400 to 500 grams and rotates the waist while fixing various parts, so that the muscles at the parts to be fixed are likely to suffer damage and fatigue. Daily body care is very important to keep the body moving as expected for a long time.

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Badminton involves rallying in various postures and movements (jumping, footwork), which puts a great strain on the whole body.
In addition to the flexibility and range of motion of the shoulders, it is essential to care for the waist, knees, legs and all other parts.
Neglecting pre- and post-match care will lead to accumulated fatigue, decreased muscle flexibility and joint range of motion, increased performance and increased risk of injury, so daily body care using tape and Metax Lotion is important. is.

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Sports climbing often involves injuries such as sprains, bruises, and tendonitis, so once injured, it takes a considerable amount of time to recover.


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Tennis requires both explosive power and endurance, and uses the whole body, such as twisting movements in various postures.
Serves and rallies put a lot of stress on your shoulders, elbows, and wrists, and twisting exercises put a lot of stress on your lower back and flanks.
In addition, there is accumulation of fatigue in the lower body from dashing and stopping in the front, back, left and right.
Accumulation of whole-body fatigue leads to a decrease in muscle flexibility and the risk of injury, so before and after practice or a game, use tape or Metax Lotion to relax your muscles, improve your range of motion, and recover from fatigue. It's important to take care.

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Athletics (especially long-distance) involves a significantly higher number of repetitions of movement (thousands to tens of thousands of steps) compared to other sports, and a slight "axis shake" at each movement is Doing so may cause injury.
It is very important to take care of the parts that lead to the cause of "axis blurring" in the running posture.

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Volleyball requires jumping and landing movements, maintaining a low body position and instantaneous power, and places a heavy burden on the lower torso and can cause injury.
Accumulation of fatigue throughout the body leads to reduced muscle flexibility and risk of injury, so before and after practice or a game, use tape or METAX lotion to relax the muscles by performing body care . Relaxing it.

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